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On Earth to develop, manage & organize, The MAY-HEM for Online/Offline marketing, System, Security, Consulting, Marketing Strategies, Structures, Blockchain DB

My presentation Style has been described by some as extremely intense, and at times, even combative. Some of you are very likely to be angered by things you will hear me say during this time and space. So be it. The fact of the matter is that Truth itself, by its very nature, is Belligerent (hostile and aggressive.), because it wages war against all forms of deception and Mind Control.
I do NOT present this information to be liked, to be popular, to make money, or to make friends. To be honest, i don’t even WANT to do this with my time, as I already know, understand, and LIVE this information.

I do this only because I recognize that, a time of such overwhelming ignorance of this critical information, the fact that I do understand it places me in a position of Moral Obligation to speak this information to others, in an attempt to help them understand it, and live it as well



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